Wild Water & Wheels

Wild Water & Wheels is a water park like no other. Boasting of several kid and family activities, this attraction is your best bet for fun and adventure during the summer. There is a host of slides ranging from speed tube to mat slides, which are all uniquely designed to keep your family entertained. 

The presence of modernized, state-of-the-art kiddie attractions makes the water appealing to children of all ages.  Children can have fun at Wally`s Lagoon, a mega pool centered around a large tree slump. The presence of a kiddie pool and wee kids section make Wild Water and Wheels a haven for children of all ages. 

Designed to serve the whole family, the fun park has a neatly assembled race zone among several other attractions. You can also play mini-golf with your children. If you are concerned about mealtime, wondering where your kids will eat, worry not. Wild Waters hosts several eateries, snack bars, and a picnic area. 

To cater to the unique needs of every guest, Wild Water & Wheels has a rent a cabana offer. Renting a cabana gives you a relaxing space and allows you and your loved ones to have a designated area under a shade.  You can either rent a poolside cabana, clamshell cabana, or a beachfront cabana. The option of renting a cabana is appropriate for families with infants who can`t do without shade.  

Wild Water and Wheels is the perfect gateway for both parents and children. Tickets can be ordered online at the Wild Water & Wheels website. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on admission activities, and tickets are not refundable. 

For a fun-filled summer plan with your family, be sure to book early, and choose from an array of fun family activities.

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to drive the 5.2 miles to get to Wild Water &Wheels from Plantation Shutter Pros via Holmestown Rd and Glenns Bay Rd. 

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