Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Add value to your home while creating the privacy you desire with vinyl plantation shutters from Plantation Shutters Pros. 

We are the leading supplier and installer of vinyl plantation shutters in Myrtle Beach, SC. These are an affordable alternative to wood plantation shutters. Our vinyl shutters are perfect for use in high traffic or high moisture areas of the home. 

Are Vinyl Shutters the Right Choice for You?

Besides being a cheaper alternative to other types of window coverings (such as wood plantation shutters), there are several other reasons you might want to choose vinyl plantation shutters over other types of window treatments. 

These shutters are not too susceptible to wear and tear. They resist cracking and fading. Furthermore, they do not shrink or expand due to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, and they resist warping from excessive sun exposure. Thanks to their resilience, vinyl shutters are a great option for areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor pools. And they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. 

These plantation shutters deliver the same feelings of warmth and comfort that you would experience with their wood counterparts. That means you will enjoy the benefits of wood plantation shutters without having to spend a fortune or compromise on quality. 

You may also want to choose vinyl plantation shutters because they come with a variety of valuable features. One of the most outstanding features is their ability to safeguard your windows while upholding privacy and controlling the amount of light coming in. The easy-to-use movable slats work much like blinds. 

You can adjust these slats from the inside or outside in different ways. The most popular way is a wood band attached to the shutters. When pushed up or down, the wand opens or shuts the slats. This allows light to get in. 

It also regulates the amount of wind hitting the window. During a storm, you can close the wood band all the way down and lock it firmly. The slats also act as insulators against fluctuating temperatures as well as helping to minimize incoming noise. 

Why Choose Our Vinyl Plantation Shutters?

Our vinyl plantation shutters are uniquely beautiful, durable, cost-effective, and work with any type of interior design. Constructed to fit various styles of windows and doors, these superior quality shutters:

  • Are made from smooth and hardwearing vinyl material

  • Are ideal for humid environments

  • Are resistant to warping from excessive sun exposure

  • Are easy to clean and maintain

  • Come in a variety of styles

  • Come with a lifetime warranty

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