Remodeling Your Home?

When thinking about remodeling projects, you always want to make sure that you are making decisions that will increase the value of your home. Small details can make an impact on your home value, for instance, your window treatments. If you decide plantation shutters are the best solution for your window treatments, you will quickly realize the many benefits that will ultimately raise your home value.

The Look

The distinct style of plantation shutters add an elegant style to the home. They are custom fit to any window, so it is easy to make every window look uniform no matter how small or large the windows may be. Another advantage of plantation shutters is that there are many finishes to choose from. If you pick neutral colors, you can always pair curtains with them to bring the entire room together. There’s no need to stress too much about the color, when in doubt just go with a neutral color such as white or tan!

Family Friendly

Because of the way these shutters are designed they have no dangly strings for children or pets to play with that can be damaged like other traditional types of window treatments. They are also easy to clean when you need to. Simply dust and wipe down each panel with a damp rag. So easy, your kids can do it!

Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters are energy efficient as they help regulate your home temperature by offering great insulation to your windows. They allow limited amounts of sunlight in your home which can reduce 45% of the heat intake of your home. So when it gets hot in those summer months you can rely on your plantation shutters to allow limited amounts of “natural light” while saving on your electricity bill. What about the winter months? No problem, open those shutters up and let the natural sunshine come in and fill the room (this will limit the time you will have to keep on your overhead lights, so again saving on electricity).

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