Choosing The Right Color Plantation Shutters

Before you make your purchase, think about the color of the area you are decorating and what color would fit best. Your shutters should complete your home with a subtle look.

Warm Tones

If your room is painted with cool colors, adding a warm tone will increase the comfort of the room. Warm tones include cream, off-white, yellow, grey and red brick. If you want to go for the dramatic look, a color such as Rose, Java or Chestnut will draw eyes in the room. The darker the color the more dramatic the look.

Cool Tones

Cool tones will bring a nautical look to your home. Cool colors consist of black, dark purple, dark green, olive, or a darker grey. Cool colored shutters are a good idea for bathrooms and dining rooms because of the minimalist look they offer.

Bold Tones

If done correctly, bold colors can add a funky and attractive look to your home. You can add the right rugs and accessories to make it flow nicely. If you’re looking for a bold statement in a room, bold shutters will add exactly what you need.

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