How To Properly Clean Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters will add the perfect touch to your home. Although the maintenance is minimal for faux or real plantation shutters, you may want to give them a nice clean every couple weeks. Below are some interesting ways to ensure your shutters and blinds will last the longest possible:

1. Dryer Sheets- The chemicals used to create the dryer sheet work perfect for collecting any dust or pollen particles. Wipe down shutters with dryer sheet and see the dust and dirt disappear.

2. Drying- If your plantation shutters are real wood, water can easily damage the wood fibers leaving your shutters to chip or crack. Even with faux shutters, water can ruin the chemicals created to make the shutter.

3. White Vinegar- White vinegar can be used to wipe off any stains. Depending on how much you are cleaning will determine how much vinegar you should use. Use a cloth or paper towel, apply the vinegar, and wipe down the area.

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