Types of Shutters and Their Uses

There are a variety of shutters available for use in your dream home, for the most part the shutter that is right for you may depend on our home layout to personal aesthetic preference.

Wood shutters are very easy to shape into the style of your home with the ability to be painted or stained wood shutters have more variety and can be used again or recycled for further use. Along with this wood shutters have a high strength to weight ratio making them very strong and light.

Premium Poly plantation shutters are known for their durability as well with a mix of reinforced beaded stiles and aluminum reinforced louvers for durability with this shutter. Along with the durability of this shutter the aesthetic appeal of this shutter is very smooth and can be molded into almost any window space.

Hybrid shutters take the best of wood shutters and Poly shutters and mix it for a ever more appealing aesthetic look, with the stiles being wood and the rails and louvers are poly you really get the best of both worlds with hybrid plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are a great value and lifelong investment for every household and different material will be suitable for personal preferences and the like of every consumer. At Plantation Shutter Pros we offer a variety of shutters that can meet your needs feel free to reach out and let us make the shutter installation process as effortless for you as possible.