Plantation Shutter Pros, Inc. Little River, SC

Do your window treatments look a little tired and outdated? Would you like to give your rooms a facelift? If so, contact Plantation Shutter Pros Little River, and we’ll help you find the perfect new look. 

We create high-quality custom shutters, shades, and blinds. Check out our gallery page and see some examples of what’s possible and what styles you like best. As you’ll see, we can work with windows of all shapes and sizes. 

Plantation Shutters

As far as we’re concerned, plantation shutters create a beautiful ambiance for your home, especially during the holidays. Plus, they shrug off the heat of the day and look great doing so.

We've got a few options here. Choose our classic hardwood shutters for the perfect luxe feel. Our wood and vinyl hybrid shutters look fantastic and won't break the bank. Finally, we offer premium poly shutters, which you can choose to have done with a finish that suits your taste and style – and they’re virtually maintenance-free! 

Blinds and Shades

Plantation Shutter Pros also creates custom faux wood blinds, which combine the lightweight versatility of vinyl with the chic look of wood. 

You may also order our roller blinds in fabric of just about any color and texture. Choose plain linen for an elegant, understated finish or choose something flashier or more unique to make a statement and bring your room to life. 

About Little River, SC

Crabbing is big news in Little River, South Carolina, so it’s not surprising that this place comes alive during the Blue Crab Festival in May of each year. Then, you’ll want to head back to town in October for the Little River Shrimpfest.

If you love fresh seafood, it doesn’t get much better than this. Hitch a ride out to sea to watch dolphins in the surf or choose your shrimp straight from the boat.

Of course, no visit to the town would be complete without a tour of the Vereen Gardens. Gardens is something of a misnomer considering it’s 1, 500 miles of marshland with boardwalk access. If you like a bit more excitement, hop on the Big M casino ship. Little River is one little town with a lot to offer!

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