Plantation Shutter Pros, Inc. Garden City, SC  

Changing out your window treatments is straightforward and easy to do – that is, if you’re working with Plantation Shutter Pros in Garden City, SC. We have a wide range of options to customize shutters, shades, and blinds to suit your needs. 

What makes us different is the tremendous pride we take in our work. We start with the best materials, and we employ expert craftspeople to shape them to your custom specifications. We choose our team members based on their attention to detail and desire to be the best.  

Nothing leaves our warehouse in anything short of perfect condition. After all, we’ve worked hard to build a sterling reputation, and we don’t want to damage it. It’s also part of our commitment to excellent customer service. We don’t aim to meet your expectations; we aim to exceed them every time.  

Plantation Shutters

There’s a lot to be said for simple plantation shutters. They’re a classic that is perfectly suited to our warm summers, and we offer them in a range of finishes.  

  • Wood Shutters: These are a classic that never goes wrong, in beautiful, authentic hardwood.

  • Hybrid Shutters: Vinyl and wood combine to create an affordable touch of elegance.

  • Premium Poly Shutters: Made from vinyl, these can be custom finished and texturized to recreate the look you want – without the maintenance requirements you don’t.

Blinds and Shades

Plantation shutters require reasonably ample space to shine. If you’re working with a smaller house, we recommend considering our collection of slatted blinds and roller shades instead. We can match your style and design color to a tee. 

About Garden City, SC

The people who live in Garden City, South Carolina are known to have a wonderful, quirky sense of humor. For example, the Garden City Golf Cart Parade is a tradition dating back three decades and featuring, as the name implies, a parade of golf carts. In keeping with the Fourth of July celebrations, the golf carts get decorated in the colors of the flag. It’s a fun and festive occasion and makes for great social-media posts. 

For year-round entertainment in Garden City, the pier is the place to see and be seen. Today’s pier replaced the Kingfisher Pier that Hurricane Hugo decimated. Visit here for a lively nightlife scene and live music. 

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