Plantation Shutter Pros, Inc. Dunes Cove

If you opt for classic, understated elegance in your décor, then the range of shutters, blinds, and shades from Plantation Shutter Pros of Dunes Cove, South Carolina, are perfect for you. We’ve opted to focus on a limited range of window treatments so that we can concentrate on what we do best – classic, high-quality designs. 

Plantation Shutter Pros employs only the best craftspeople and uses only the highest-quality materials to create a sophisticated look that will wow you. We believe that less is more, so we stick to simpler designs with high impact values. What’s more, our shutters and blinds are perfectly finished, so the look is timeless. 

Plantation Shutters

We specialize in plantation shutters. They’re particularly suited for hot summers along the coast because they deflect most of the heat but leave your interior light and airy. Plantation Shutter Pros can finish your shutters in classic white for a tropical feel, or you might opt for a more contemporary look with stained hardwood. 

You’ll love the way these shutters provide a stunning design feature to your home. Create a divided living space simply by closing the shutter doors. Then fold them back to enjoy your open-plan space again. 

We can customize your shutters in hardwood; a budget-conscious combination of hardwood and vinyl; or maintenance-free vinyl that is finished to your specifications.

Blinds and Shades

We love plantation shutters, but they’re not right for every situation. If you’re interested in something a little more minimalistic, talk with us about our slatted blind choices. Or perhaps you’d like to bring in a touch of sophisticate luxe, or light airy linen instead. If so, our roller blinds will fit the bill. 

Why settle for second-best when you can bring your own custom design to life? 

About Dunes Cove

Located at Myrtle Beach, Dunes Cove is an exclusive community, rife with well-kept sidewalks, luxurious homes, and some of the best surfing in the area. Head out to the spot directly in front of the country club, and you’ll find an excellent break.  

Be prepared for a bit of a hike, though. The beach is pristine, and the locals like to keep it that way, so the nearest parking spots are about a mile’s hike from the beach. 

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