Broadway at the Beach

At Myrtle Beach, very few attractions can match Broadway at the Beach`s popularity. Located in a strategic location, you are guaranteed to find more than enough parking while participating in activities of interest. 

While at the Broadway at the Beach, you can select from an array of activities. Some of the most popular activities include zip lining, mini-golfing, mirror maze, and even escape games. There are two main events when it comes to entertainment, legends in concert and Simpsons in 4D. Legends in Concerts is a popular show featuring multi-talented musical acts.  

Nothing beats a cool, humid night at the beach. Enjoy an unforgettable evening by participating in Broadway at the Beach`s night events. You can choose to crack your ribs at the Carolina Comedy Club or visit Good Time Charley`s or Hard Rock Café among other joints for a great time. 

In case you are not aware, Broadway at the Beach is located on a 350-acre property.  The vast area allows you to shop from several outlets, including food stores and boutiques. The presence of renowned shops makes it easy for you to get items of your choice.

To get a true feel of Myrtle Beach`s cuisine, though, you will need to visit Broadway at the Beach`s various restaurants. Enjoy both rare and popular options as restaurants compete to land guests.  

If you truly want a taste of Myrtle Beach`s culture, you should consider setting time aside to visit Broadway at the Beach. The beach not only boasts of highly entertaining activities, but it also has a massive fireworks schedule, which is sponsored annually by Helicopter adventures.  Firework schedules are usually listed on Broadway at the Beach`s website. 

It will take you 23 minutes to travel the 13.5 miles to Broadway at the Beach from Plantation Shutter Pros Inc. via SC-31N. 

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