Plantation Shutter Pros, Inc. Atlantic Beach, SC 

Is your home dressed to impress, or could it use a little sprucing? If so, some new high-quality window treatments will do the trick! At Plantation Shutter Pros Atlantic Beach, SC, we have the best selection of shutters, blinds, and shades to brighten your room – and your day!

We’ll create something that brings your vision alive and customize it to fit your windows perfectly. All you need to do is click or call to get things fired up. 

We’ll go into your options soon, but first, we’d like to tell you what's vital to Plantation Shutter Pros. We’re uncompromising in our commitment to customer service. We use only the best materials, and we track developments in the industry to ensure that you get the latest and greatest, from start to finish.

The adage says, “Measure once, cut twice.” Well, we prefer to measure three times just to be sure. You can choose from our collection of custom shutters, blinds, and shades. Our process is all about making your vision come alive. 

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are classic and will work well with various architectural styles. They’ll help keep your rooms airy and bright but keep the worst of the heat outside. Consider these options:

  • Wood Shutters: Expertly crafted from authentic hardwood.

  • Hybrid Shutters: The combination of wood and vinyl helps make these a more affordable option.

  • Premium Poly Shutters: Vinyl shutters mimic the look of wood but sidestep the maintenance issues that come with it.

Blinds and Shades

Not everyone wants shutters. If you want some other options that can still knock your socks off, consider these: 

  • Faux Wood Blinds: These slatted blinds give all the warmth of wood without any of the maintenance. And nobody will know they’re not wood unless you tell them.

  • Roller Blinds: If you choose roller blinds, you’ll have a wide range of options. We can make them from wood, fabric, or even natural materials, like jute or hessian.

About Atlantic Beach, SC

Is Atlantic Beach the Black Pearl that Jack Sparrow goes on about all the time? Not quite. Instead, the town earned the nickname "Black Pearl" for its rich cultural history. Descendants of slaves put Atlantic Beach on the map.

You’ll find plenty to do here when you visit – especially if you’re here during the Memorial Day Black Pearl Cultural Heritage and Bike Festival. 

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