Alligator Adventure

Alligator Adventure is adjacent to Myrtle beach's Barefoot Landing and is among the most extensive reptile facilities in the world.  Although the name suggests alligators exclusively occupy the park, you can expect to view a host of other wild animals. Some of the more popular wild animals at the park include albino alligators, American alligators, bobcats, and Chinese alligators, among a large population of birds.

The park provides a mixture of entertainment, adventure, and education, making it one of Myrtle Beach most popular animal destinations.  Impressively, Alligator Adventure offers regular live shows for its guests.

At the live show, you can feed alligators while a reptile expert educates you on some of the alligator's unique attributes. In months where alligators don't feed, experts provide alligator handling lessons. Alligator handling lessons allow you to learn more about their behavior and characteristics.

At Alligator Adventure, you can also learn everything about snakes from their handling to even how to treat snake bites. If you are a big reptile fan, this is a show you don’t want to miss. To experience the exciting feeling of snake handling, head down to the amphitheater, and jump into the world of snakes. 

If you want to enjoy a blend of adventure and education at Myrtle Beach, then consider dedicating a day to tour Alligator Adventure. The alligator-themed park will not only allow you to learn a lot about replies but also give you the chance to experience unique animals.  

Admission is free for all children under three years old. You can also purchase adult or children annual passes to give you year-long access to the reptile park.

It will take you around 35 minutes to drive the 14.3 miles to reach Alligator Adventure from Plantation Shutter Pros Inc via SC-31N.

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